Tuesday, 18 April 2017


We have had a major set back! Tragically/annoyingly/most inconveniently, Mark has cracked his heel bone!!?!?
He instinctively (but stupidly) jumped from the horse rather than hit the tree and landed heavily on his heel..
Having jumped myself from my horse Rayo a few years ago as he galloped out of control on a cliff edge, knocking myself out and breaking a rib, we have now both learnt first hand that you are safer staying on !!
Coulda, shoulda, woulda,  dont change anything so we are doing everything in our power to facilitate a fast recovery.
Mark has a massive half boot, velcro strapped, stabilising thing that he reckons he'll fit in a stirrup as the show must go on.
But I  reality we can't leave on Sunday as planned.. we are gutted..

Saturday, 8 April 2017

Super Saddlebags!

Another exciting progression is the making of our bespoke saddlebags! 
Here you can see how they are coming along - we had a test fitting at the weekend with all horsey friends looking on and helping decide on height, positioning etc..
Really handsome and super functional.
Made by our lovely neighbour Chiara, you know where to come for yours!


This is the kind of stuff we need to find on route! A lovely grass stop on our way back from Taffys after the Endurance race.
Me in the saddle again, back fine! & Rayo sounder than a pound!! 
Thank heavens.
Back home now with frantic final listing and doing!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Raid

Hey friends! 
Sorry its all gone a bit iratic! Lots going on and up and down like a yo-yo!
The Raid, pronounced "Rayid" is the Spanish name for an endurance race...
Our friends put on this one annually so we always take part, always until now that is, just before the weekend I hurt my back - Nooooo! How now???
Then - after the weekend Rayo has suffered a blow, perhaps a kick to his pastern and is LAME! Never been lame in the 4 years he's been with us.
Now it's Wednesday,  we can feel lucky that both him and I are almost 100% again.. (100% in my case probably only something to aspire to).
So lucky Mark (even though he's only the groom) got to ride both horses in the event!!
Perfect fun for my cowboy.