Friday, 17 February 2017

Bringing the Golden girl home.

It was only when I was telling my brother "Its a 3 day ride to go and fetch her" that I realised how riding distance has changed for us over the years, we didn't even consider getting transport!

Mark went with Tio, whilst I drove there, to assist and bring supplies, and back, to feed the rest of the horses and animals at home - several times.

So this girl, sweet as you like, followed Mark & Tio, from her remote mountain top home, without question, down & up (it wasn't up then down!) some of the most difficult terrain we are ever likely to encounter on our 2000 miles! Also passing through Orgiva town, where we experienced an unusual spike of heavy traffic including coaches & lorries (air brakes hissing), bread vans beeping etc etc!!

Even spreading the return over two days was hard work for an unfit horse - AND the weather turned bad..

Perhaps Mark will elaborate as he rode and led all the way, but theres no doubt that we couldn't have hoped for a better nature from our golden girl.

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