Wednesday, 5 July 2017

What reason?

Its a shambles up there! I once nearly wrote a book, maybe I'll finish it one day (don't nick my story anyone) but those fate operators are just as messed up as we are...

We're riding to England! we're not riding to England, I'm really fit! I break a leg, I saved a bird! I didn't save a bird.
I gave it 3 weeks of life - it flew! It got killed by the cat.

Small consolation (mainly for Mark) that the morning after HE left the door open allowing the cat to get in, the front door had been pushed in by the dogs before either of us got up, meaning that the cat would have got birdy the next day anyway.
She was in a bird cage for her protection, but the cat must have jumped up on to it, breaking the loop which hung off the ceiling, bringing it all crashing down and breaking the base off..
Poor birdy was nowhere to be seen, we never found her or her feathers..I hear sparrows outside and still go out to whistle for her...
It is possible that she got away somehow and is out there flying with her friends between the trees...ojala!

A bit more about birdy before I close that chapter..
She turned very quickly from that ugly bald thing into a beautiful soft feathered friend, she gave me so much joy! Her eyes opening, feathers growing, her first preening, perching and then her first flight, all within a little more than two weeks!
When I whistled, she chirped back, she learned to swing, jump and fly from perch to perch with amazing agility! Two or three times a day, we closed the door, pulled the curtains and turned the lights on so that she could fly safely about the house, often returning to land on my nose, not surprisingly the most perch like feature on my face (& possibly in the room!).
She was nearly ready to go free, not quite feeding herself and not yet able to fly far without losing altitude.
Just a few more days would have been enough... So sad.

So back to the 2000 mile aisle, as Mark said, we did 200 of them..
The next 1800 we plan to do next year!!
We've postponed the wedding, we're keeping Lorna and we're going to do it all next year!!!
None of our purchases and preparations will be wasted! We can go back to that wonderful place called freedom! The open road! The adventure! Every day new and different! Just us and the horses.

Just have to wait out summer and winter...
..and learn to walk again..
..and get back on the horse..
..and forgive Mark for birdy..


  1. I am having a hard time figuring out what (if any) message the universe is trying to communicate.... Maybe that life sucks sometimes? Or that there is no such thing as justice and I just have a romantic picture in my head saying that two lovely people deserve to make the trip of a lifetime should not be treated this way..... Sad thoughts indeed.
    Probably there is no such thing as a "universe" giving and taking where it pleases and this was just all really stupid tough luck.
    Love you both, hope you can forgive Mark for not using his head that fatal morning, and maybe, just maybe, the little bugger is out there somewhere.....
    love Marije

  2. Ah dear Marije, thankyou for that lovely message, Im inclined to believe you, that its just tough luck..
    I do think birdy might be out there, and I have (almost) forgiven Mark, he did love birdy too and I think most men lack that careful instinct that labels us women as worriers!
    Love you two too.

  3. There is one other item that you MUST add to that list - you must ensure that a book is written about your trip when it has been completed; and that it includes many of the words that you have already presented on here. It truly is the adventure of a lifetime !

  4. Thanks Dave!
    Looks like that might be a goer, lots of interest for publishing!
    Still hoping we might make it to the moon but depends highly on how my X-ray goes on Thursday, fingers crossed its good! Xxx

  5. Hey... Awww... Poor little birdy, at least you got some mutual joy from the experience... Despite the bleedin' cat!!! Big hugs and see u soon xxx

  6. Looks like that might be a goer, lots of interest for publishing!

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