Friday, 5 May 2017

Heroic or Stupid?!

He actually did it! Got on his horse and rode!

Tio pranced around our "short ride" like he was about to race in the Lobrasan Stakes! - Hardly walked a step & mostly sideways, ran Mark under trees and nearly backed off the cliff, infact he tried every trick in his book to go faster than a jog..
It was terrifying to watch,  but alls well that ends well..phew!
I think Tio could sense Marks fragility & bubbled up a bit under the unusually tense reins..oh plus! It was really windy!

Rayo was a dream, he's so well and fit now, as usual full of beans but I have noticed how much easier he is for me when I'm leading Lorna too.

So, big smiles on our faces (but a slightly puffy foot), bodes well for our departure a week tomorrow..fingers crossed.

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  1. Hi well done Mark! Not long til the off! Love hugs and best wishes xxxx