Friday, 19 May 2017

The 6 P's

Our departure from home was momentarily sad only because there was no time for tears.

Even so, the moments I spent with our old dog Jessy are forever imprinted in my I made her stay on her bed, she was crying, she had known it was coming for days,  her eyes were flickering as she could hardly look at me, close as a dog can get to tears, I made sure she could feel my love but was unable to assure her we'll be back..

Our first stretch to Cadiar simmered and boiled over with stress..The pack kept listing to one side or the other which meant we had to stop frustratingly several times, (Im eager to point out that the bags are great but I hadn't weighed the top one properly).

We arrived late but the San Isidro (our farewell) procession in Cadiar was fitting, joined by close friends on their horses and downing a few beers with everyone else was great fun if also quite emotional. .

After all that pandemonium, as we peeled off the procession dusk was upon us and we were suddenly alone. . It was wonderful!
Head torches on hats, walking easily together, just the crunch of riverbed stones beneath twelve hooves & some funky R & B keeping time..
We arrived at our first nights stop in Yator disgracefully late at 11pm.. But our hosts Mark & Pat were unflustered and after helping us untack and settle the horses, we had a delicious home made snack  - & I really mean home made! - & then sat in their conservatory just loving the comfort, relaxation and chatter.
We had a good - if not shortish - nights sleep, were incredibly slow to pack and left the following day at 2pm!

This time Lorna's pack stayed straight, the ride up past Montenegro was steep and it was hot..
There were some great grass and water stops for the horses but we we're starving!
We stopped in Yegen for a welcome tostada, generously made by Loranne at bar El Tinao even though it wasn't food hours. .
Also thanks to Loranne I have a little compact mirror! Can't believe I forgot to bring one!?

As was so rightly pointed out by one if our followers, Mr Kelly, one must prepare thoroughly..How does it go? Proper preparation prevents p*** poor performance!
Mmmmm, well I'd still like to say we did prepare well & infact so many things we thought about and did bring have already been invaluable.  But just a small thing I didn't prepare well for was our 2nd nights stop, which we completely missed as I didn't make sure if its location & the big trouble was, we only discovered this at about 8.30 pm!
So I am in tears (especially because it was my fault) as we rode away from Mairena towards Laroles.
I needn't have felt such despair as we did have Deb & Steve's place on standby. .and what should we find just around the corner but a half built abandoned cortijo with knee high grass and a water tap!
We settled the horses quickly and easily,  there was a super veranda at the back if the house where we put up the tent and set about cooking our dinner in the conveniently built seating and table area..

Coming up next - over the hill and out of 'Las Alpujarras!

P.s. The two pics, on the road & Rayo looking back at Lujar from our 2nd nights stop..
(Photos will improve as soon as my new mobile is configured.)


  1. Really enjoyed this news and love the style of writing!

  2. Fantastic you're well on your way, Jez is curled up in bed dreaming of your return no doubt :)

  3. Great to get your update! xx

  4. Might help you get more funds if you put your GoFundMe link on each of your blog also have video uploaded on youtube.
    You both can be celebrities.

  5. Good luck to you and the horses and look forward to reading more of your blog. xxx

  6. Fabulous to hear how you are doing. And look at that lovely grass!

  7. well done you two. the adventure has just begun. big hugs ����

  8. well done you two. the adventure has just begun. big hugs ����

  9. Love out happy campings x