Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Here we go again...

Yes ! Here we go again ! I've now actually ridden my SuperRayo 4 times & we're off in about 7 weeks.. (theoretically !)
In those four rides we've been mainly walking with a few cantering-on-the-spots.
We've slid down steep muddy tractor tracks (with sqealing accompaniment ), we've teetered along on the edge of narrow cliff edged paths, which is unavoidable around these parts, so I've been thouroughly tested & Mark says I've passed with flying colours !
It's been a long and varied recovery, but I'm not going into all that, thankfully we've managed to keep both horses fit and my (though intermittent) ground work with Rayo has paid off in preparing him for the wieght of me & later saddlebags on his back.
I think our relationship has pulled through into a higher understanding & friendship, he seems so happy that things are getting back to normal, that we're getting out and about together again !
Exactly the same could be said for me & Mark. Haha !


  1. Annoying! Thats not the completed version & Ive lost all the rest.. 😬

  2. Yeehaa indeed! Take care and have a wonderful safe adventure. See you both in July! (Haha! I can work this now, a sign that all will be well!!)xxxx

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