Sunday, 6 May 2018

Back to the future!

On the road! Right now with the horses on tow - tentative, but ok, always so admire horses for allowing us to put them on a big square tin, overcoming their fear & trusting us.
So this is the last stressy bit (haha!), getting them safely there & then it's just us & them..
A few days on and us & them, we, have become the herd. After several nights of watching the stress/comfort signals of the horses, we've established a good dynamic for tent/horse/fence positioning.. Tethering is our only certain method of keeping the horses overnight, but Tio isn't an experienced tetherer, so for now, at night he's in a pretend electric fence, by day he's in supervised tether training & doing very well.
Both horses are coping brilliantly with the change & with the work.
We're coping too, amazing how one becomes adjusted to outdoor life so quickly - I'm blotting out a few days of stormy weather & tempers - but yes, even with the rain, we have coped & really enjoyed ourselves.. Infact I have felt guitily glutenous - the scenery has been so wonderful! Gorges so high & so deep, colours vivid with flowers everywhere.. (Please look to facebook for more photos).
Today is our first 2 night stop, we haven't done many kilometres yet, as we plan to increase work gradually for the horses & their packs are heavy.
It's us that are exhausted! My back, my knee where the pin gives pressure both suffering, mainly from damp & mounting which is frequent & difficult.
However! I do say that the kind of exercise needed here for survival, bending over getting things in & out of bags, putting the tent up & lots of core muscle exersion, in the saddle & otherwise, are all in favour of fitness & in that I feel well on the way.
Supplies around here, here being Murcia - at last! Are not easy to come by, at each stop we lack something but thankfully water & grass have not eluded us. We have noted a distinct bit of luck in the last hours of the day, finding a good place after passing barren & dry areas for miles.
It's no accident though I suppose as we always have a mapped aim for the day which has a town within reach if nothing is found.
Right now this is lovely, we've got both horses free in a big one-tape-wrapped-round-trees paddock with an unlikely cliff exit to the back...Mark's cooking breakfast, It's sunny but not too hot, we're next to a lake made by Presa la Risca & will take the horses down to the shore later on.
I'm very much enjoying being gadget girl - might have been the only badge I got in the guides. Some of my bespoke equipment is worth talking about all you horsey people out there! 2 short pieces of a hang glider wing skeleton, joined by slotting into a section of Hep20 plumbing pipe, make perfect fence posts in no time, small & light & portable.
Though I guess most people would have trouble finding a bit of hang gliding wing bone 😂!!
Eggs & coffee just landed beside me.. Thanks to my betrothed.
The rest of this afternoon was spent meeting (out of perhaps 4 cars in 24 hrs, she happened to pass by!!) the lovely horse analyst would you believe?! She bought knowledge, understanding, total encouragement & Gin & Tonic!!
What we don't manage to drink we leave under a tree.
Serendipity or what?!

Hopefully this one will post properly unlike the last one of which only a quarter of it was published.. Only 2 photos allowed on here, so do look out for more on our facebook page.
I'll leave you with a Spanish ditty 'Si Mayo te moja, te seca' Thankfully this seems to be true..
Love from us to you all..


  1. Sounds hard work but total fun! So jealous of you both. Keep safe xxx

  2. great to have some update on your travels. All sounds like great adventurous fun, as expected. big hugs keep safe xx

  3. Lovely to read, as always. Huge hail storms here, 11 degrees, hope the weather is kinder to you guys.
    Horses look fab. Much love T&S xx

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