Sunday, 20 May 2018

Non stop to the border

So here we are in Los Ramanos just over the border from Murcia into Alicante week we'll leave Alicante and enter Valencia province took us about 11 months to get out of Andalucia ..but just a week to get through Murcia we're on the good foot finally!!
  And now about a week later we're at a ruined mansion in ontinyment , Valencia ..
  It's been a long year since that car ride to Baza hospital to see my bionic woman. A year of treading water , a sense of waiting a year to have that year you where gonna have last year...And now it's this year again. .
   This year the boots on the other foot, I've managed to work and walk my way to 90per cent recovery on my ankle . Nikkis recovery is obviously less advanced but being stalwart and stoic she's making a fist of it and is now able to just about mount from the ground..
   However not to be outdone I decided to drop a speaker on my big toe , left of course ,3 days before we left , see attached photo ...will the nail fall off or not? Answers on a postcard to 2000mileaisle. ..
   My understanding of life is that bad luck comes in threes so that's an end to that. ..
   Good luck to all...m

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